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Jason Davies, acting MD of Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital:


‘We have purchased thousands of tests from Excalibur to test staff and visitors across the site and are using them as the first line of defence as per government guidelines.  As a level 1a neuro rehabilitation independent hospital it is essential that we maintain effective surveillance and provide confidence to our workforce. The test are very proving reliable, easy to use and robust and have already proved their worth in identifying a number of asymptomatic visitors. I would highly recommend them in any setting where safety is a concern’.


We have used circa 600 tests to date of which 4 presented as positive – visitors to the hospital that were asymptomatic. This allowed me to prevent entry and advise them to go and request a PCR test.

As a hospital within a Tier 4 area, we are testing all visitors/contractors to the hospital before they are allowed in and our staff are now getting tested twice a week from 04 Jan. 21

Suzie Loader Chief Nurse 18 Week Support:


‘As a company 18 Week Support (for whom I am Chief Nurse) had following a review of available Covid-19 lateral flow tests had made a decision to purchase some Excalibur Healthcare services Covid-19 rapid antigen tests for our staff, so that they could would have regular testing available to them, in order to keep them as safe as possible.  In addition, as a precaution, I had purchased some of these tests to help keep my family safe during Christmas.  My 17 year old daughter has quite a bit of contact with other people due to the fact that she spends 1.5hrs on a bus going to and from school.  She also works at the local farm shop (and had been doing extra shifts leading up to Christmas) and had also been into Oxford Christmas shopping with her boyfriend.  Because of this, we agreed we would try the Excalibur Covid tests out…


Well I have to say, within 1-2 minutes to our shock and surprise her test came back positive!  It lit up like a Christmas tree!  At this stage she was asymptomatic.  So the rest of the family were tested and we all came back negative.  We then tested her boyfriend, who also tested positive within 2 minutes…the effectiveness of the tests were amazing.  We then did all the necessary: our daughter went into isolation, we vented the kitchen where she had been and then spent 3 hours spring cleaning the house (all the touch points) with anti-bacterial bleach based cleaner…just to make sure, myself, husband and son the took a test every day for the following 3 days and each time we were negative…My daughters test was confirmed by a PCR test a couple of days later, at which time she had started to develop symptoms.  We all remained in isolation.


I wanted to thank Excalibur, because without your tests, we wouldn’t have known my daughter was positive and therefore been able to take action – it was a very quiet Christmas as we were all isolating, but it could have been much much worse...  Thank You.’


Theo Paphitis, Entrepreneur:


We have bought thousands of Excalibur Rapid Antigen tests and are extremely impressed. We have applied these tests in our admin central offices and in our Rymans and Robert Dyas stores to great affect. We found individuals with no symptoms but showed up as highly infectious and been able to retire these people from mixing with other team members within a matter of minutes of showing positive. These are excellent and invaluable little screening tools by Excalibur – use them and stay safe.   

Crispin Sadler. Producer, Mallinson Sadler Productions:

We had two positives revealed by your tests which were then backed up by NHS tests, others were negative and some of those were backed up by NHS tests as well. So we are confident in their accuracy.

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