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Rapid Sars Cov- 2 Antigen Test Card

The Excalibur SARS- CoV-2 Antigen Test Kit is specifically designed for mass testing and is suitable for use in TV and Film Production, Sporting Events, Schools, Workplaces, at an event or in any commercial situation where rapid mass testing is a requirement.

The Excalibur Rapid SARS- CoV-2 Antigen Test can be used for testing of symptomatic or asymptomatic staff within any company or institution.

Excalibur's rapid test has now been applied to millions of people in several different countries - both symptomatic and asymptomatic. To date there are no reports of any false positives at all i.e. if TWO red lines appear on the cassette, then these individuals have all been shown to have Covid. Highly infectious positive tests tend to show up very quickly. 

The test can be carried out every two days. It should be administered by a trained healthcare professional and is easy to use with a basic nasal swab. Results are fast, accurate and can be accessed in situ.

Protect your staff and colleagues for just £7.00 (+VAT) per test. 

Why Excalibur Tests are The Best Choice

Outperforms Other Tests

  • Outperforms other marketed Antigen tests for both Accuracy AND Speed.


Most Reliable

  • Near 100% ‘specificity’ means virtually no misdiagnosed ‘false positives’.


Most Accurate

  • Near 100% ‘sensitivity’ for highly infectious people and 99% for moderately infectious people.  This means it detects infectious individuals in almost every single case


  • Read the results within 15 minutes 


  • Easy to administer nasal swab by a healthcare professional 

Cost-effective & Ethically Priced

  • Cost-effective and ETHICALLY PRICED to help test as many people as possible.

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