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Asymptomatic + Symptomatic Screening with the Excalibur Rapid CoV2 Antigen Test

Test Results Within 15 minutes

The Excalibur SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit is a highly effective MHRA registered antigen test to detect Covid-19 infection

Rapid Antigen Covid testing is a quick and simple way to identify any live presence of the virus, with results delivered within 15 minutes from the sample being taken. It is the most effective means of swift, ongoing transactional screening for any type of business.

Wild Thring Media are working with Excalibur Health Services, an established and renowned UK medical supplies and consumables provider. Our mission is to make professional use Rapid Antigen Covid tests accessible and available at a cost that is both ethical and sustainable. We are also able to facilitate the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) or Safe Disposal Facilities, to support the ongoing administering of Rapid Antigen Covid testing as well as for any other business needs.

  • CE & UK compliant, MHRA Approved

  • Outperforms other CoV-2 test kits for accuracy and speed 

  • Accuracy - Near100% sensitivity with heavy infectious individuals and 99% sensitivity for moderately infectious individuals means almost no cases will be missed. Near 100% specificity means no misdiagnosed ‘false positives’ (Extensively tested by organisations such as Imperial college London and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine – over 13,500 samples) 

  • Detects infectious individuals in nearly every single case

  • Results observed within 15 minutes

  • Single nasal swab only, easy to administer on site by a Healthcare Professional

  • Ethically priced at just £7.00 per test (+VAT)

  • Easy storage in 4-30 Degrees C, and 18 month shelf life

  • Developed by Professor Sir Chris Evans, OBE and his UK-based Excalibur team

  • Accreditation from the likes of BSI (British Standards Institute), ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) and TUV (Germany’s Technical Inspection Association)

Film Production

Helps protect staff and colleagues

Significant time and cost saving versus tests that require lab processing 

Can be administered anywhere by a healthcare professional 

As well as helping organisations protect their employees and customers, regular testing will help reduce financial risk, increase productivity and improve customer service 

How Does It Work?

Jason Davies, Acting MD of Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital:


‘We have purchased thousands of tests from Excalibur to test staff and visitors across the site and are using them as the first line of defence as per government guidelines.  As a level 1a neuro rehabilitation independent hospital it is essential that we maintain effective surveillance and provide confidence to our workforce. The test are very proving reliable, easy to use and robust and have already proved their worth in identifying a number of asymptomatic visitors. I would highly recommend them in any setting where safety is a concern’.


We have used circa 600 tests to date of which 4 presented as positive – visitors to the hospital that were asymptomatic. This allowed me to prevent entry and advise them to go and request a PCR test.

As a hospital within a Tier 4 area, we are testing all visitors/contractors to the hospital before they are allowed in and our staff are now getting tested twice a week from 04 Jan. 21


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